Backblast #159 – Rucks and Coupons are extra credit


May 11, 2019

AO: John Ball Park

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 9 PAX

37° / 93% Humidity / 1 mph SE wind

Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Repo, Less, Snoop, Hasselfhoff, Stalin, Basic Bro

QIC Soft Spot.


25 SSH PAX opted to have Rucksacks on

Circle of goofballs (The PAX is in a circle and performs goofballs for a given period of time until a PAX calls out and perform a burpee. Rinse and Repeat until all PAX have called)

Capri Lap

The Thang

All coupons and Rucks are in a pile. The PAX must line up and pass 3 like a fire brigade (Left). After they pass the 3rd they have to sprint to the front to keep them moving across until they reach the other side of the field. It took 3 turns to reach the other side. Then the PAX needed to bear crawl back to the pile. Rinse and Repeat until the pile was moved. (It took the PAX 4 trips)

Now that the PAX had moved the pile we grabbed the coupons and partnered up. One partner was to complete the Wheel of Merkins (6 reps before they rotate) while the other was to perform Burpees. Then they switched. 

The PAX now needed to move the pile back. We lined up again now passing to the right. This time we would lunge walk back across. It was another 4 trips to move the pile.

Once the pile was moved the PAX circled up for Failure to Launch. (Holding Al Gore the PAX would call Up after a period of time and perform a Jump squat)

Now that we worked up the lower and a bit of the upper we took a mid-workout break to hit the core.

It was now time to move to the other side of the field. The PAX put on their rucks and grabbed a coupon for a Mozey to the other side. Once we got there we circled up for a Hurricane Hoedown. 

We Circled up and used the rucks for some added weight. Each PAX took turns on Q for this. YHC started off with 7 -4 count IC flutter kicks. We held Hallelujah with the ruck above our heads, once we hit 7 we moved right into reclined with the rucks held straight out. Then all the way down with holding the rucks straight up as we finished another set of 7.

We moved around the circle with a declining count.  We finished the routine but still had 2 PAX that needed to Q. To keep it Very Fair Roid Rage started us back off with 6 reps each and Mad Cow took us home with 10!

After much mumble chatter throughout and the Q Mad Cow led, the PAX was saved by the Bell. We had 5 minutes left for some Mary.


Basic Bro Had us hug our Rucks as we ran to the far side of the field and back.

Snoop took Q for 20 overhead claps

Less took us home with Merkins with a twist. 4 count IC. 20 total, 10 each side.



YHC finished up with this bit from the Q sourse

Great teamwork is instead described as the visible illustration of a people who are united with the same purpose. And, ultimately, that is what your team should be seeking to build – a culture of many people who are united in working for the same cause. 
Great teamwork with the brigade Amen.


Amway Riverbank run is today, Forest, Radio, and Bullwinkle are running.

DM isn’t feeling the best. keep him in prayers. 

Soft Spot