Backblast #165 – Lets call an Audible


May 15, 2019

AO: Calder

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 6 PAX

Mad Cow, Basic Bro, Forrest, Bald Eagle, Hasselfhoff,

QIC Soft Spot.

Wednesdays are a great time to get some more miles in with our workouts. We heard there were some guest from Mint Hill, NC joining us for the beatdown. We started promptly at 5:30 with some exercises to get us warmed up and a little extra time if they were running late. 

20 SSH 
Stretches 10 sec hold leaning to the left, middle, right then widening stance and repeat. 

Bald Eagle wanted to check his phone and see if they messaged him. We took a mozy down the street to his vehicle. 

The PAX went into an Al Gore for 10sec while he grabbed his phone. Then as he checked we moved into a plank hold after another 10 seconds, we then continued with a plank twist, left side then right.

The Thang
The thang started with the hunt for Othello. YHC decided to call an audible on the route and see if we could meet up with Othello. The PAX set out for the stairs, our Tuesday AO. We reached the stairs and took a trip to the top.  While we were at the top we took advantage of the spot for some Russian Dips and Wheel of Merkins. At this time the PAX was unable to meet up with our guest for this beatdown. YHC took a quick view of the map and set up a new route as the PAX went to the 6th Street bridge.  

The PAX lined up on each side of the bridge. Two would sprint to the other end of the bridge as the rest would perform burpees. Once they reached the other side, they would perform burpees until the rest of the PAX reached the other side. From there we continued our run. As we ran along the riverside path we took opportunities for added stairs. During our run to the next crossing, we were held up on a crossing street. The PAX played it cool and held Al Gore until it was clear. We finally made it to the walking bridge next to the park. The PAX lined up in 3. We would sprint to the other side as the rest performed Merkins. Once we crossed it was our turn to perform Merkins until they reached us.  After we all crossed we headed back to the AO. 

We reached the AO with 2.95 Miles in. After a Capri lap around the Calder, we hit out 5k goal.

We finished up with another round of stretches. We may have some core work, but YHC took to long to recap this backblast. 




We had a special workout on Friday with our guest from Mint Hill. 

Soft Spot