#168 Backblast – Ups and Downs


May 21, 2019

AO: The Stairs

39F / 89% Humidity / 2 NE Wind

Core Principles and Disclaimer Given to 12 PAX

S.P. (Sex Panther formally known as Tiny Tom), Snoop, Bald Eagle, mad Cow, BasicBro, Rehab, Gravy, Forrest, Radio, Depends, Trinity (Guest from Toledo) QIC – Soft Spot

Pre Blast call to the HIMs. Tomorrow is filled with Ups and Downs, but we will face them together. Who is a HC?


PAX started with a Capri Lap as we came back to the circle Tiny Tom was waiting smelling his shirt. Do I stink? Then the down draft hit. Skunk! It was clear why he was late. Rounding the corner not far from the AO the smelly friend was waiting to give Tiny Tom a new name.

-After some mumble chatter the PAX moved into some Arm Circles.

15 (4 count)IC forward, flapjack. Above the head and out in front. No rest between sets.

-Circle of goofballs. The PAX would perform goofballs, like climbing a ladder, then in turn each PAX would call down. We would perform a burpee then back to the goofballs.

After we completed the 12th burpee we moved to the stairs for the Thang.

The Thang

YHC Explained that we will perform some exercise at both the top and bottom of the stairs. So we started.

  1. UP – Copperhead Squats 15 (4 count) IC When the PAX reached the top the held plank for everyone to arrive. Then a 10sec hold. Down – Once everyone was down we held plank for 6 to arrive and then a 10 sec hold again before. Russian Dips 25 (4 count) IC

Mad Cow brought 3 sandbags for me today. Now we were to put them to use. For extra credit the PAX took turns carrying them up/down the stairs.

2. UP – Burpee Brigade – PAX lined up. The first PAX would pass a sandbag then perform a burpee, rinse and repeat until all sandbags were passed. After the last sandbag was passed, hold Al Gore until the last PAX finished his burpee. Rinse and Repate until each PAX passed left and right 2 times. Down – After our plank hold we headed back up.

3. UP- Wheel of Merkins 6 IC each side starting with Right hand elevated. Down – Plank hold

4. UP – Sprints and Lunges. The PAX lined up 3 in a row for Sprints. The rest would perform alternating lunges in place. Once the first row of 3 reached the end they would perform lunges. Rinse and repeat until all PAX made it back. Down-

5. We had enough time to make one quick round trip. UP and Down with no rest. Then back to the AO.


15 IC Starfish Crunch

10 Freedy Mercury

10 American Hammers

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama

New naming of Tiny Tom. There were some great honorable mentions, but after being skunked, only the Sex Panther would hold scent.

Soft Spot