Backblast #172 – Skunk Run


May 29, 2019


“No, I don’t want no skunk. A skunk is a PAX that can’t get no love from me.”   ~TLC

This may seem insensitive, but it was born out of an attempt to build empathy in a fun way. In honor of a previous work out where Tiny Tomato earned his new name Sex Panther. (Anchorman movie reference.)

AO – Calder Plaza
Breezy | 59 degrees | 40% chance of rain

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 5 PAX] –Hasselhoff, Bald Eagle, Radio, Gravy, Dapends(QIC)


·       25 SSH (IC)

·       15 Arm Circles (IC)

·       15 Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap (IC)

·       25 SSH (IC)

·       15 Mountain Climbers (IC)

·       20 Merkins (IC)

The Thang:

For our Wednesday Fun Run I wanted to find a way for each pack to be the follower and the leader. Originally, I had guaranteed a skunk free run, but as Kraut kindly pointed out, that was unrealistic. I decided to fill the run with skunks.  After our warm up I explained the plan. We were to follow a 1.37 mile loop (south two blocks to pearl, west over the river to Scribner, turn north around the Ford Presidential Library to Bridge, turn right and head east back to Ottawa and back past the Calder). Along this path we would incorporate some pain stations, after all PAXs completed the exercise someone was called out as the skunk. They had to do 15 merkins while the rest of the group ran on until they caught up. Once the group got to a corner the skunk would lead an exercise of their choosing and call out the next skunk.

We were able to make two loops in time for 2 minutes-of-mary back at the Calder.

5 PAX performed…from what I remember
20 burpies
45 merkins
10 copperhead squats
10 leg dips (10 each)
20 WW2 situps
15 dirty hookups

Best part was running and yelling skunk through the heart of the city.


·       Would be helpful to work on our pre-blast communications to the PAXs. We can keep some surprises but give a heads up to the group on slack. EX: coupons Y/N, lots of running, little running, games, rucking, running with coupons or competition based.

·       Props for Roid Rage for being 1FQ

·       Prayers to Forest and his fam, reach out as you can.

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