BackBlast #151 – Climbing Mt. Everest

Date: 4/30/19

Temp: 39 Deg F

AO: Stairs at Division / Parking Lot

Q: Rehab.

Disclaimers and Things given to PAX: Bald Eagle, Radio, Depends, Snoop, RoidRage, Mad Cow, Fresh Cream, Soft Spot, Forrest, Little Brother.


Mosey Lap

Side Straddle Hops x 30

Shoulder Stretches, Toe to finger Touches – 10 second hold x 4

Finkle Swings x 20 each leg

Mountain Climbers x 20 on 4 count

The Thang:

 Duck and Weave – Like an Indian Run but PAX are duck walking with 3 yds between men and the last PAX is weaving in and out up to the front, yells “Duck” for the PAX at the back of the line to begin to weave fwd… This Q neglected to inform PAX that the weaver was not also duck walking. We made it across the parking lot with struggling weaver ducks. Q shifted to clarify that weaver was to mosey. This sped things up. 

 11’s – From one side of the parking lot to the other on your own: 1 Merkin, Run across parking lot, 10 Big Boy Sit Ups, Run back;  2 Merkins, Run, 9 BBSU’s, Run back; 3 Merkins, Run, 8BBSU’s, Run back… Etc…

 Mosey to the Stairs

 Everest – Lunge-Up-Stairs and do increasing # of squats on each step. L, R (1 Squat), L, R (2 Squat)… Once the group hit 10, this Q adjusted expectation and the group kept it at 10 Squats for the rest of the ascent.

 Descend the Stairs

 Grizzcalator – bear crawl up the stairs, do 5 merkins on each landing, modify with 3 merkins

 Speed Walk– engaging deep hip movement – to the end of the block and back…

 Descend the Stairs and Mosey to the AO

 One Last Leg-Pain/Deep-Hip Station:

Failure to Launch – Hold Al Gore, PAX count-down from 10, explode into a tuck-jump and return to Hold Al Gore, Go around the circle until all PAX count or until PAX can’t lift off…

 Countarama, Name-a-rama, Circle of Trust

 “If we do not transform our pain, we will transmit it” – Fr Richard Rohr