Backblast #158 – Partner Beat Down!


It was a rainy morning in the gloom and YHC had developed a beat down that focused on different partner and coupon exercises to get everyone ready for the summer.  Due to the rain, YHC moved the workout location to the nearby parking garage of GRCC

AO – GRCC track

50 degrees and rainy.


[0530 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 5 PAX] – Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Fresh Cream, Snoop, Hasselhoff (QIC)



Mosey to the parking garage

20 SSH

The Thang:


PAX 1 sits in a people’s chair while PAX 2 completes 1 Blockee and 1 Burpee are completed  repeatedly for 3 minutes.  Then Flapjack.

Partner Curl:

The PAX 1 completes 1 bicep curl with coupon, and then passes the coupon to PAX 2 for 1 bicep curl.  PAX 2 does 2 bicep curls and passes to PAX 2 for 2 bicep curls.  This is completed until each PAX completes 10 bicep curls.

Partner BBS:

PAX 1 and 1 interlock at the ankles while on their 6.  Both PAX complete BBS, alternating who is holding the coupon, passing in the middle.  This was completed for 3 min.

Farmer Carry/SSH:

PAX 1 Farmer carries two coupons 20 yards and back, while PAX 2 completes AMRAP SSH.  Flapjack until 5 minutes has elapsed. 

Partner tri-cep extensions:

                Same exercise as the curls above, however done with tri-cep extensions, standing or on your 6.

Basketball Pivot:

F3 rendition of the pivoting basketball drill.  PAX 1 and 2 are back to back, passing the coupon to each on the side, similar to a bucket brigade.  1:30 one direction, 1:30 the other direction.

American Hammer with Coupon:

                American Hammer with coupon for 3 minutes.

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama



Radio has the Q on Saturday.

Fresh Cream is going to Columbia for vacation, leaving Saturday morning.


The beaches are safe,