Backblast #173 – Another Good F3 Workout


Preblast Via Slack: I’ve got the Q tomorrow! Who’s down for a “Good F3 Workout”? Nothing fancy about this one! SPECIAL REQUEST: If you have a rucksack, can you bring it with you tomorrow so that anyone who is interested in checking out the options can do so?

AO: John Ball Park

63° / 80% Humidity

[Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 11 PAX -Mad Cow, Stalin, Basic Bro, Less, Snoop, Roid Rage, Miss Daisy, Gravy, Radio, Dapends, Kraut (QIC)]

Motivators from 5
10 Finkel Swings – Flap Jack
15 Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap IC

The Thang:
A classic POAS Workout – the Pax would complete an exercise and then mosey for a little bit:
25 Merkins
25 Squats
25 Dirty Hooks Ups in the Tunnel of Love
25 BBS
Sprint up Sibley St Tunnel
25 Ranger Merkins
25 Lunges (Each Leg)
Sprint down Sibley St Tunnel
25 LBCs

At this point, YHC asked what time it was, and was informed that it was only 7:20am. As that had been the end of my plan, the rest was improvised:
25 Wide Stance Squats
300ft Sandbag Carry (each arm)
25 Dips
25 Overhead Claps
30 Sec Horizontal Arm Hold
15 Second 45 degree up Arm Hold
Trail Run through the forest off the stairs
Bear Crawl Merkins Up Woodland Hill (4 steps, then merkin)
Crawl Bear Down Hill
Trail Run through the woods, then mosey back to AO

Burpees IC until the 8am church bells (20 reps completed)

T-Claps to both Roid Rage and Basic Bro – who did this mornings workout with 30lbs rucks

Roid Rage and M as well as Radio and M are expecting – congratulations to both. F3GR is looking for a Site Q for John Ball, let Kraut know if you are interested. Mad Cow talked about the GrowRuck call – F3GR is looking to get 10+ PAX (currently at 5)

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama / COT

Coffeteria @ Rower’s Club

Kraut – Out