Backblast #178 – Around the World in 80 Stairs

Date – 6/11/2019
AO – Stairs on Division

53 degrees and dry.

[0530]– Disclaimer and Core Principles given to 8 PAX: Gravy, Snoop, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Sex Panther, Soft Spot, Hasselhoff, and Fresh Cream (QIC).

Warm-o-rama commenced with a two laps around the parking lot followed by:

Finkle Swings: 10 IC, flapjack
Squats: 10 IC
Arm Circles: 30 seconds, flapjack
Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap: 15 IC

PAX then proceeded to pick up coupons and mosey up to the top of the stairs…

The Thang: Around the World in 80 Stairs

As this was YHC’s first workout in weeks after a prolonged absence, the routine was set up to give people the opportunity to go faster for more work. PAX would perform 4 circuits of the following:

Bicep curls with coupons: 20 OYO
Squats with coupons: 20 OYO
Overhead press with coupons: 20 OYO
Bent over rows with coupons: 20 OYO
Run 40 stairs down and back up

Since 40 stairs down turned out to be only two flights, for the 2nd through 4th circuits, this was extended to approximately 60 steps down. PAX who made it back up to the top were instructed to perform the following: hold plank, hold Al Gore, merkins, hold Al Gore.

After completing the rounds, the PAX moseyed back to the AO where YHC introduced the group to a new exercise: the Sphinx Merkin. This is nearly all triceps and the PAX performed 5 reps.

The workout concluded with some minutes of merry consisting of the following:

LBCs: 10 IC
American Hammers: 20 IC
Freddie Mercuries: 15 IC
Big Boy Sit-ups: 10 OYO

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama

Wisdom came from the 8th Century Buddhist monk Shantideva:
May I become at all times, both now and forever
A protector of those without protection
A guide for those who have lost their way
A ship for those with oceans to cross
A bridge for those with rivers to cross
A sanctuary for those in danger
A lamp for those without light
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter
And a servant to all in need
For as long as space endures,
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I, too, abide
To dispel the misery of the world

·       Fresh Cream