Backblast #179 Run club does speed work


Wednesday June 12, 2019

AO: Calder Plaza

58° / 67% Humidity / Wind 4mph S

Disclaimer and Core Principles recited to 5 PAX

Depends, Mad Cow, Forrest, Hasselhoff and Soft Spot, QIC.

Wednesday’s have really turned into the F3 Grand Rapids Run club. Each QIC has brought new things to our weekly 5k. Today YHC wanted to try a new warmup.


Arriving promptly at 5:30 YHC had the PAX circle up to learn what he called the Merking Worm with a lunge twist.

I chose to call out the moves rather then try counting it out for the first time. It was something like this…

Start with standing and move down in the inch worm. When you reach the bottom perform a merkin before coming back up. Once you inch back, instead of standing up inch back out to plan and lunge your left foot foward to your hand. Then with the hand on the same side twist, raising your hand upwards. After a few second hold return to the lunge and inch back in the inch work. Now that we are halfway inch forward and perform another merkin. Inch back up and then inch forward to lunge with the right left. Twist with the right hand up and hold for a few seconds before returning to the lunge and inching back to full standing. That was One. YHC continued to call out the steps as the PAX performed the second, then OYO till we reached 5.

We then moved on to arm circles, forward, back, up and in front. We finished the warm up with some Cherry Pickers with a back clap 10 IC.

The Thang:

Complete a 5k. YHC wanted to mix some speed work in. With so many options and routes available YHC kept an eye on the watch to track the distance but did not have a set route. Directions were based on crosswalk lights to keep us moving.

As we set out we kept our pace under 10 min. I worked our ways to Heritage Hill so we could get a little hill work in. When we reached the hill we increased pace to the top. We continued on towards the high way and more speed work. We used the the overpasses as markers for our sprints. With two more sprints taken care of we were starting to evenly space out the sprints through the 5k. After the third sprint we enjoyed the decline of the hill as we worked our way back downtown for the final legs and sprints. We rounded the corner and completed the 5 sprint back to the AO for a few mintues of Mary.


PAX circled up for boat canoes. We held the position until a PAX called for the change. We complted 2 rounds and moved into the final exercise for the day.

Starfish Crunch 10 IC

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


Some words for today. Don’t just setting for the consistent pace. Change it up now and then and continue to work for progress.

Overall the PAX did great. AVG pace of 9:17 with some stops to hold for 6. Few Plank holds for 10 count, 5 at High plank and 5 at low plank. Also we played it cool and held Al Gore while we waited for the crosswalk to turn.


We need a site Q for the GRCC Track, Thursday AO.

Soft Spot