Backblast #186 – Sunday Rucking


Sunday Rucking!
June 16, 2019

F3 Grand Rapids is roughly 14 weeks from our GrowRuck with Naperville. As YHC looked over the training plans and recommended exercises I developed a 6 mile route with scenic views and little mud.

We met at the normal AO of Brewery Vivant at 5:30 with 3 PAX in total.

Snoop, Kraut, QIC Soft Spot

61F and 71% humidity it was great evening for training.

PAX set their rucking weight 20-30lbs plus water and supplies.

We set out with the plan of Rucking 2miles then perform 3 exercises, 3 sets in total. Snoop brought a 20lb plate so we took turns every mile with the farmers carry.

-Ruck 2 miles
30 Ruck High Pulls
25 Ruck Merkins
30 Ruck Squats
-Ruck 2 miles (1mile on a muddy trail)
20 Ruck High Pulls
15 Ruck Merkins
20 Ruck Squats
-Ruck 2 miles
10 Ruck High Pulls
5 Ruck Merkins
10 Ruck Squats

In total:
6 Miles Ruck with 2miles of 20lb Farmer carry.
60 Ruck High Pulls
45 Ruck Merkins
60 Ruck Squats

Time 1:48:24
Avg pace: 3.7mph with a max of 7.4mph

Soft Spot