Backblast #187 – AO Tour


Date – 6/19/2019
AO – Calder Plaza

69 degrees, clear

[0530 – Core Principles and Disclaimer given]

Gravy, Forrest, Slots, Popeye, Lasso
PAX Began w a Warm o Rama of
25 SSH and 10 clerkins 

The Thang: GR AO Tour.

 PAX ran to Belknap Stairs, proceeding to the top with underhang pullups at each landing.

 PAX moseyed to GRCC Field, followed by a bearcrawl across the field at the 50 yd line. Grass was soaking wet but got approving comments from our Memphis guest Slots, whose experience of field grass grown by Yankees is now superior to his experience of similar grass tended by Southerners.

 PAX had a short Indian run around half the track, then continued a mosey to Crescent Park. Pax Crawlbeared to the bottom, interrupting the motion with 5 merkins at each landing, and ending with ten dips on the benches at the bottom.

 PAX proceeded to the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum where we greeted the distinguished deceased President and his wife Betty, may they continue to rest in peace.

 PAX returned to the AO and finished off with 20 Big Baby Situps: WWII’s with knees open, touching past the toes on each situp.

 Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama

Gravy and Forrest welcomed Lasso, Slots and Popeye to town, and went through a brief history of how each PAX was named.

Our wisdom for the day: When you find yourself out of your routine, be reminded to come back to something familiar and grounding. Remember who you are.

·       Gravy