Backblast #189 – It was auto generated…really? Yep, let’s go!

Its been awhile. YHC is back and ready to go. Let’s do this.

Pre-blast via Slack:

Let’s hear those excuses of why you can’t come to the #5KWednesday… Taking HC’s in the thread below. #LetsGo #ItsOnly5K #ItsHumpDay #SylvesterStalloneWouldDoIt

Area of Operations:

Calder Plaza


64 Degrees | 89% Humidity | Amazing Morning

[0530 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 2 PAX] – Hasselhoff & MAD COW (QIC) 


Various Stretching
10 Incline Merkins (IC)

The Thang

YHC used Map My Run to generate a random 5K route. We followed the route around downtown Grand Rapids and stopped at various points for exercises targeting all areas of the body (chest, abs, legs). A total of 3.44 miles were ran.


Three exercises and repititions were called out ahead of time so the PAX were aware of the schedule. PAX then performed said exercises as fast as possible (IC). This was to maximize the burn. Exercises included:

10 BBS into WW2 (IC)
10 American Hammers (IC)
10 Freddie Mercuries (IC)

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama


– Third F food drive needs now posted to Slack
– Ideas were discussed on how to expand the PAX count on Wednesdays

Its a pleasure,