Backblast #192 – The Hextathlon

Date – 6/27/2019
AO – GRCC track

64 degrees and dry.

[0530]– Disclaimer and Core Principles given to 11 PAX: Snoop, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Hasselhoff, Kraut, Rehab, Tardy, Bald Eagle, Little Brother, Forrest, and Fresh Cream (QIC).

Warm-o-rama commenced with a capri lap around the track followed by:

Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap: 13 IC
Finkle Swings: 13 IC, flapjack
Motivators from 5

The Thang: The Hextathlon

YHC opted for a fairly simple, although not easy, routine. Six stations were set up around the track. PAX were split into three groups to prevent bottlenecking, if at least at first. Stations were as follows:

Squats x20
Decline Merkins x20
Pull-ups x5 (Modifier: 20sec Dead Hang)
Alternating Lunges x20
BBS x20
Chin-ups x5 (Modifier: 20sec Dead Hang)

PAX did this until YHC said boo. We concluded the workout with some minutes of merry (Mary? Merry? I dunno), which included a few new exercises:

Freddie Mercurys x15 IC
Boxcutters x10 IC
Reverse Crunch x15 IC
Windshield Wipers
American Hammers: x15 IC

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama

Words of Wisdom:
Don’t go through life on auto-pilot. It’s easy to get in a rhythm and coast through life, but this way leads to stagnation and vice. Take time to stop and reflect on your thoughts and actions. Live each day and each moment purposefully.

·       Fresh Cream