Backblast #174 – Coupons Up Top


Date – 6/4/2019
AO – Stairs on Division

60 degrees and dry.

[0530]– Disclaimer and Core Principles skipped. YHC was eager to get right to it.

Warm a rama commenced with an immediate coupon carry from the parking lot to the stairs, followed by a coupon-less stair hike IC.

Sidestraddle hops: 30 IC 

Disclaimer belatedly given to 9 PAX: Gravy, Basic Bro, Snoop, Roid Rage, Forrest, Mad Cow, Rehab, Radio, Soft Spot. Core Principles neglected and YHC vowed to remember next time.
Next exercise: Mosey around Coit Park with some mumblechatter 

The Thang: Coupons up Top

Mumblechatter ceased as soon as The Thang began.
PAX Partnered up.

Man up top did merkins Amrap while partner went to the bottom and returned with a coupon. Flapjacked.
PAX Pair performed 50 blockees together, one partner moving down the stairs and back up

PAX Pair performed 150 curls together, one partner moving down the stairs and back up
Total stair ascent over the duration of the workout was six, one with coupon.

PAX completed the workout with a second Coit Park Mosey and returned to the AO base with coupons, followed by 25 Freddy Mercuries.

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama

QIC went light on the wisdom, and added 10 Birthday Burpees in honor of Rehab’s 39th.

·       Gravy