Backblast #175 – Keep it Movin / Founders HH


Date – 6/5/2019
AO – Founders Brewing: 76 degrees, humid and breezy

[1800 – Core Principles and Disclaimer given]

Basic Bro, Reboot, Sham Wow, Snoop, Gravy 

PAX Began w a Warm o Rama of
30 SSH, then a sidewalk bear crawl interrupted by 10 clerkins 

The Thang: Keep it Moving

 Workout was as follows:

 Mosey Indian run style to the old train depot
15 dips
15 dips
20 dips
Mosey to Wealthy and Market
Plank waiting for crossing light
Mosey to Wealthy and Front
10 jump squats with an Al Gore
Slow Lunge walk across Wealthy Street Bridge over the river
10 monkey humpers
Mosey back to old train depot
15 incline merkins
15 incline merkins
20 incline merkins
Mosey back to AO.  

Our final mosey included a modification intended to keep the whole line moving, while including a slow but determined SIX.

Mosey with a dropback: PAX in front steps to the side and runs to the back of the line, then calls for the lead PAX to do the same. Lead PAX can move immediately or choose to proceed until he is ready to dropback

Final Exercise was a plank on the curb til the first pax dropped. Snoop held on as long as he could but eventually a core wiggle did him in.

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama

Our wisdom reminder for the day: Modify as needed.

All PAX proceeded inside for HH accompanied by Ms and a few sad clowns who showed up for libations but weren’t ready to get sweaty. They were quickly forgiven for their lack of athletic commitment, and HH was deemed Happy.

·       Gravy