BackBlast #201-Up and Down the Stairs


July 13, 2019 Dale Westrick

Preblast via Slack 7/12/19

I have the Q tomorrow morning.  There will be a fair amount of strength work, and going up and down stairs.  Please bring your coupons.  Can I get those HC’s?

AO-The Zoo

68 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 9 PAX.  Basic Bro, Hank the Tank, Kris Kross, Little Brother, Radio, Gravy, Fresh Cream, Pit Boss and Less (QIC)


10 Rubber Band stretches to toes in cadence

12 Willie Mays Hayes in cadence

10 Cherry Pickers with a back clap in cadence

15 Squatting front shoulder raises with coupon

Squatting shuffle with coupon above ahead.  Shuffled in a circle until the pax got back to the original location in the circle and then reversed direction until they once again got back to the original location.

The Thang

-The pax moseyed with their coupons until they got to the base of the stairs.

– Team Merkins-One team does one marking while the other team planks and then the other team does the one marking while the other team planks. Next is two merkins and so forth until both teams reach 8 merkins.

-The pax went up the stirs with their coupon.

-15 Hand release merkins

-The pax went back down the stairs with their coupon.

-Merkin Contest- Everyone lined up across from one another.  One side of the line did planks while the other side was doing the contest.  A person on the plank side would keep saying down as the other side would do merkins.  The last pax member still left doing merkins at the end won.  Then we switched to the other side of the line for the merkin contest.  Congratulations to Gravy (38 Merkins) and Little Brother (44 Merkins) who won the contests.

-The pax went back up the stairs with their coupon.

-Crab walk to a tree in front of the playground (about 40 yards)

-Bear Crawled back

-The pax went back down the stairs with their coupon.

-Coupon above head contest.  The pax held the coupon above their head until they could no longer hold it.  The last one standing won.  This one must have been fixed because the QIC won.

-The pax went back up the stairs with their coupon.

-Colt 45’s with the coupon

-The pax went back down the stairs with their coupon.

-10 squat jumps with coupon at chest.

-The pax then moseyed back to AO with their coupon.


20 American Hammers in cadence

10 Legs to sky in cadence.  Laying on your back you put your feet straight up with your arms holding your back up. You then raise your legs straight up and then come back  down.

20 Flutter Kicks in Cadence

20 LBC’s in cadence

Circle Merkins 2 times around.  First time around each pax did five merkins.  Second time around each pax did 4 merkins.



Leaders Message

“On good teams coaches hold players accountable.  On great teams players hold players accountable.”  Joe Dumars

Another way of saying this is that great organizations are full of great leaders.

All of us have it in us to be great leaders and with Leadership comes Great Personal Rewards.


More or Less,