BackBlast #202 – X My Heart


Rehab QIC 7/16 – X My Heart

Slack Post from day before: @channel It’s my last post and Q until Aug (DR PNW!) – looking for those HC’s for Tues @5:30 at the Stairs on Division. Plan is still coming together but there is sure to be a visit to that nearby hill where one is known to sweat profusely. SYITG!!! Who’s with me?

Weather / Temp: 73 Deg F with delicious cool breeze

PAX Present: Snoop, Pumbaa, Bald Eagle, Gravy, Less, Hank the Tank, Dapends, Radio, Mad Cow, Sex Panther, Little Brother, Pitt Boss, Strickland (from Cleveland), FNG (BORIS), Rehab (QIC)

Circle Up – Welcome- Say the Things

Warm UP:

Stretches, toe holds, cross over feet holds, lotus holds, quad stretches… (10 seconds each)

Starfish (4 count to 10)

Bat Wings / Overhead Claps / Arm Circles (4 count to 12 reps each)

Imperial Walkers (4 Count to 15)

Side Straddle Hops (4 Count to 30)

Parking Space Tracer – PAX hold plank and funnel into grid. Hold Plank on the other side and funnel back into grid and hold Al Gore when finished.

Mosey to the Stairs

Up the Stairs (Side Straddle Hops until funnel up the stairs, SSH until everyone reaches the top)

Mosey to End of Street

Sprint 1 block, walk a block, Sprint to top of Hill

The Thang: X My Heart

Top of hill, run down to center of X, 5 merkins, run to bottom of hill, 10 merkins, run across field, 15 merkins, Run

backward up to center of X, 5 BBsitups, run to top of hill, 10 BBsitups, run back to center of X, 15 BBsitups, Run to top of hill, 5 Squats, Run down to center of X 10 Squats, Run Down, to bottom of hill 15 Squats. Run backward up the hill, (Sex Panther induced Burpees- 2, 7, 10)

Mosey back to Stairs, Down and circle up at AO.

Countarama – 15

Namarama and Naming of FNG (Boris)


Word: Grief- notice it, honor it, and experience it- don’t let it become anger, bitterness, or numbness… feel it all the way through, talk it all the way through and let it heal you so you can experience more joy in your life. Do your grief work, men… it’s worth it.