BackBlast #194 – Torpedo Tunnel of Love

With more pax stepping up to Q and a few work trips in June, it had been more than a month since YHC’s last Q. Eager to get back and lead the pax, YHC jumped on the first July Q and was energized and humbled to see 15 pax post.

The air was a warm and thick 77 degrees, with a summer thunderstorm looming.

Pax: Sex Panther, Roid Rage, Gravy, Kraut, Basic Bro, Snoop, Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, FNG (Pit Boss), Fresh Cream, Dapends, Forrest, Soft Spot, Little Brother, QIC Bald Eagle


SSH – IC – 15x
Windmills – IC – 15x
Arm Circles – IC – 10x / 10x
Deconstructed Cascading Circle Burp – 3x
– Elements of a burpee done progressively around the circle. i.e. Plank (person on right then planks, next person, and so on) next time around Groiner, then Bobby Hurley to Al Gore

The Thang

YHC made a couple of extra coupons – a slosh pipe (7’ long 4” PVC pipe filled partially with water), a torpedo (3’ long 4” PVC pipe filled with cement), and a cement bucket (bucket filled with the remainder of the concrete that didn’t fit in the PVC pipe). Started with an 80# bag, so the pipe probably weighed 30ish pounds and the bucket had to be closer to 50#. Upon request, Mad Cow brought (3) ~40 lb sand bags as well.

The pax grabbed the coupons and moseyed to the stairs. The first exercise was a bucket brigade of coupons up the stairs. It was as simple as it sounded – pass the coupon to the pax the next step up, run up to the end of the line, and repeat until the coupons were delivered to the top. Pax were also given the disclaimer that if either of the 2 pipes touched the ground it would be a 5 burpee penalty for all pax.

The next exercise was the Torpedo Tunnel of Love. Pax planked shoulder to shoulder and passed the weighted pipes underneath them (without the pipes touching the ground). After the pax passed both pipes he bear crawled to the head of the line. We did this from the top of the stairs to the first yield sign – approx. 200’ or so.

With 6 ground touches during the TToL, the pax owed 30 burpees. We completed 10 of them at the yield sign. To return to the top of the stairs, the pax started at the yield sign, stood shoulder to shoulder and passed the pipe using only 1 arm. After he passed both pipes, the pax sprinted to the end of the line and repeated the progress as the pipes came back to him.

At the top of the stairs, the pax were then introduced to the cardio portion of the workout:

Start at the bottom of the stairs with 5 burpees.
Run up the stairs – carrying a sandbag if desired.
Complete 10 Slosh Pipe Squats.
Complete 15 Overhead Presses with the Cement Pipe.
Complete 10 Farmer Rows with the Cement Filled Bucket.
Run to the yield sign and back.
Carry a sandbag down if there is one at the top of the stairs.

The pax all started at different points – most pax were able to complete just over 2 evolutions of this exercise.

The pax were then given instructions to mosey back to the AO with the coupons elevated above their heads. Coupons were rotated as necessary, and this was successfully completed.

At the AO, the pax had time for one Mary exercise – 15 Starfish Crunches IC.


Word for the Day: Life can be split into two halves – the first half involves building the “container.” This container is built with achieving, rule-following, and accomplishing. It provides the structure that contains the gift and mystery that we were each given to share with the world. The challenge we have as we think about the transition into the second half of life is to get past container building, and start sharing the gift that we have to offer the world. Often this is forced out of us through challenges we face that awaken our souls. Encouragement: continue building your container, but know that life is not about having the container – life is found when you empty the contents of who you were created to be with others.


  • Keep Hasselhof in TAP after he sliced part of his finger off with a hatchet.

  • Soft Spot tomorrow, Kraut Thursday @ 7a for a special 4th of July Q.

  • July 12 – Speciation, 2nd F hang time. Basic Bro will be Q-ing.

  • GROWRUCK is just over 2 months away.