Backblast #206 – Hoff’s Ladder part 2


We gathered this morning in the hot and steamy gloom to complete a ladder developed by YHC. 

AO – Zoo

72 degrees


[0700 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 10 PAX] – Forest, Basic Bro,  Cortez, Less, Bald Eagle, Snoop, Mad Cow, Hank the Tank, Soft spot, Hasselhoff (QIC)



20 SSH (IC)

Mosey to the hidden hill

The Thang:

YHC made four separate stopping points on the hidden hill to create a ladder for running.  Each PAX would run to the 1st ladder and return to complete a card from the deck of death.  Each PAX then ran in the following order: 2nd rung, 3rd rung, 4th rung, 3rd rung, 2nd rung and 1st rung; returning to the starting point and completing a card from the deck of death.  Altogether it was around 3.5 miles of up and down hill running.

We returned to the AO and in a circle random PAX were pulling cards out from the deck of death to do.  We went through 4 different cards before the church bells rang. 

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama



Rucking tomorrow, Mad Cow is the Q

A person doing the Go-Ruck light may be joining our group ruck tomorrow.


The beaches are safe,