Backblast #208 – Into the Woods with a Frisbee

With Mayor and Dirty in town from F3 Toledo for the day only, BasicBro suggested a Black Ops workout and YHC stepped up to Q it.

Pax: Less, Hank the Tank, Roid Rage, Basic Bro, Soft Spot, Dirty (Toledo), Mayor (Toledo), Bald Eagle (QIC).

The pax gathered after some minor challenges locating the new AO and jumped right into it:


20x SSH IC
16x Arm Circles/FJ 10x
10x Each Leg – Finkle Swings
4x Each – Tiny Tom -> Stalin Planks (a variation of downward dog to upward dog for the yogi’s)
5x OYO Burpees

The Thang

Mosey to the wooded paved trail – the sun had just started to come up, but the forest was still plenty dark. The first stop we continued the warm-o-rama with 10x Imperial Walkers. We then had a pax throw the frisbee down the path and bear crawled to it.

A rule was then introduced that every time the frisbee touched the ground each pax had to do 5 merkins OYO. The next evolution included a mosey to the top of the first hill (100 yards give or take another 100 yards) – the added rule was that the pax with the frisbee could not move his feet while holding the disc. The darkness wreaked all sorts of havoc with the usually at least moderately coordinated pax and we did probably 100 merkins in a short amount of time.

The pax made it to the top of the hill (eventually) and then moseyed to the bottom. Instructions were given to throw the disc back up the hill. One pax did that – and then we crawl-beared to the disc. The merkins took a little longer than anticipated, and we still had some ground to cover so we continued the mosey through the roughly 2.1 mile trail.

At the next steep-ish hill, YHC asked another pax to throw the disc down the path. This time it was only a walk to the disc (in case the pax wised up), but then we resumed the 5 penalty merkins for dropping the ‘bee. YHC chose the inclines for this activity to ensure to keep the 6 close.

When we reached the top of that small summit, we resumed the mosey until we emerged from the wooded trail back into full daylight near some picnic tables where we completed 10x dips, 10x derkins.

From there the cars were only 1/2 mile away or so. We then resumed the frisbee rules, adapting the penalty to 10 merkins because we could actually see it this time. Two drops resulted in 20 merkins. As we neared the parking lot YHC wanted to ensure we included Mary in the workout, so drops turned into 10x Freddie Mercuries, 10x LBC’s, and 10x Flutter Kicks.

Returned to the AO right at 0615 for the CoT.

  • Suggestions were given for consideration of a Monday workout addition. (will follow up later about growth path/site q’s etc.)

  • T-claps to Toledo and what they’ve been building in their state.

  • Toledo invited us to a Convergence + 5k on August 3rd in Temperance, MI.

  • GROWRUCK, Mud Run, and GR Light are all on the calendar in the next 2 months.

Bald Eagle out.