Backblast #212 Run Club


July 24, 2019

AO: Calder Plaza

Disclaimer and Core Principles recited to 5 PAX.

Miss Daisy, Mad Cow, Hasselhoff, Hank the Tank, QIC Soft Spot.

Bald Eagle started with a simple plan of +/- 4 miles with running and stretching. Last minute he called to the fellow HC to help take Q.

I decided to take lead with the plan he had in mind.


PAX circled up for some stretching

Bend and reach to the Right hold 10 Seconds, flapjack, hold 10 Seconds and finish up with 10 Seconds in the center. Next we stretched the hamstrings, right for 10 seconds and flapjack for 10 seconds.

The Thang

Following Bald Eagles route we set out to hit 4 miles. During the run we held good pace. As we ran some PAX started to fall behind. We had them take lead and set pace for a bit. We continued and made the loop around the river and back to the AO with a little under 10 minute pace.


Name-O-Rama / Count-O-Rama

Go forth and set your pace.

Soft Spot