Backblast #195 – F3 Run Club


July 3, 2019

AO: Calader Plaza

70° / 94% Humidity

Disclaimer and Core Principles recited to 5 PAX

Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Frank the Tank, Depends, QIC Soft Spot

Warm Up

20IC Bat Wings (Foward, Reverse, seal clap, over the head)

10IC Cherry Pickers w/ Back Clap

Right Left Center stretch 10 sec hold

20IC Mountain Climbers

The Thang

Run 5k with intervals. The route will take us to the down towards the bridges. The PAX will increase pace at each bridge crossing. About half way as we finished an interval we held plank for the 6. The PAX member felt ill. We walked him back to the AO before finishing up our 5k and intervals.


10IC Derkin Shoulder Taps. (Slow count Derkin followed by Shoulder Taps – 1)

7IC Hurricane Hoedown (Working down from 7. Start with Hands Raised above their head and perform 7 4 count flutter kicks, then leaning back reclined and holding arms out in from perform another 7 4 count flutter kick. Finishing the routine lay flat and perform 7 4 count regular flutter kicks.) To add to it we performed the circuit reducing the count after each set.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


Keep Hasselhoff in your thoughts

Rucking Challenge and GORUCK 17.76 Mile Freedom Ruck on July 14, 2019 11am


Soft Spot –