Backblast #214 Extreme Couponing


Tuesday July 30, 2019

AO: The Stairs

68° / Humidity 93%

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 16 PAX

Snoop, Basic Bro, Kraut, Roid Rage, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Stalin, Depends, Pumba, Boris, Pit Boss, Forest, S.P. Sex Panther, Radio, Gravy, QIC Soft Spot

Pre-Blast: God Morning Gents! I have the Q for the Stairs. I will be bringing a friend with me and she is a fan of extreme couponing. So lets see the coupons and HC’s


10 IC Cherry Pickers with Backclap

Circle of Goofballs. ( While performing a goofball PAX takes turn calling down. The PAX then performs a burpee and continues with a goofball. Go until each PAX has a turn to call down.)

AO Lap.

The Thang.

The PAX picked up the coupons and moseyed over to the stairs. There we performed a 1-2-3 with a partner. Cummalitive PAX had to reach

100 Merkins with hands on the coupon

200 LBC with Coupon high on chest

300 Goblet Squats.

While one PAX was performing the exercise the other would make a trip on the stairs with their coupon.

Modification as needed.

Completing the routine would be around 6 trips on the stairs

When It was getting close YHC called time for us to head back to the AO for a few minutes of Mary.

We circled up for a circle of Blockies. With this we held the Coupon above our head and went around the circle each performing a blockie. When you finished performing your blockie you would continue to hold the coupon above your head until everyone has completed it.

Roid Rage led us with 20 American Sledge Hammers (American Hammers with a coupon)

Then we finished up with WW! situps but holding the Coupon. 10 slow 4 count IC.

Name-o-Rama/ Count-o-Rama


– Soft Spot