Backblast #222 – Three’s Company

Thursdays have been becoming our most popular workout. With that, YHC knew he needed to keep the pax moving so he devised a plan to do just that.

Pax: Kraut, Hasselhof, Soft Spot, Creatine, Snoop, Roid Rage, Depends, Sex Panther, Radio, Pit Boss, QIC Bald Eagle


The pax began with the disclaimer and a mosey lab at 0530. From there, we circled up and began with some simple stretches, and then knocked out Motivators starting from 5. The pax were then introduced to the circular Tunnel of Love and army crawled underneath each pax until each pax had completed the circle.

The Thang:

Bear Crawl Lap – The pax separated into groups of 3. One pax began running around the track, the second pax began bear crawling around the track, the third pax began his run around the track when the first pax made it halfway around the track. When the first runner caught up with the bear crawler, he tapped him out by joining him for 2 merkins and then the bear crawler became a runner, and the runner became.the bear crawler. The 2nd runner became the bear crawler when he caught up with the bear crawler – this rotation continued until the bear crawlers made the full lap.

For the second evolution of the workout, the pax broke into 3 groups. The first group each held a chain and ran down hill for 2 city blocks and then back. The second group sprinted the straight-a-ways of the track and moseyed the circular ends, and the third group completed 10 merkins, 10 squats, and 10 cockroach crunches in recurring fashion until the first group returned. The first group with the chain set the rotation timing – when they returned, they started in on the merkins, and the merkin group then became the runners, and the runners became the chain gang. This was repeated twice.

The third evolution was called the Indian Bear Merkin. The pax got in formation in a line head to toe in plank position – the last pax bear crawled to the side of the pax in front of him and completed a merkin, he then bear crawled to the next person and completed a merkin alongside him and so on until he reached the front of the line. Each pax followed successively until all pax had completed a merkin alongside each fellow pax.


  • Overnight ruck on Friday Night

  • Kalamazoo One Year Next Saturday

  • GrowRuck just over a month out.

  • Word for the day was an encouragement to be sure to live each day and not go through the motions. You’ll experience some pain that way, but it’s the only way that joy can be fully realized as well.

Bald Eagle Out, Nice work men!