Backblast #223 THE HAMMER


Preblast via Slack: “I’ve got the Q tomorrow at the Zoo! Bring a ruck if you have one, and a coupon if you don’t. It’s Hammer Time! Where are my HCs at?‽‽”

AO – The Zoo, 65F

[0700 – Core Principles recited to 14 Pax] – Basic Bro, Bald Eagle , Creatine, Hank the Tank, Hans, Soft Spot, Ferrigno, Snoop, Pit Boss, Less, Gravy, FNG (So So), FNG (Thruster), Kraut (QIC).

5 Pax were coming off of the 11 mile night ruck (0200 start time), and in to this work out.


20 SSH
10 Every White Guy at a Rap Concert
10 Seal Claps
10 Arm Circles each way

The Thang

PAX completed The Hammer from GoRuck’s August Rucking Challenge. All exercises were done with a partner, dividing the work between both people:

Buy In: 400m Partner Carry

300 Ruck Swings
300 Sit Ups (Rucks Off)
200 Lunges
200 Overhead Ruck Presses

Buy Out: 400m Partner Carry

For good measure, all Pax completed a 200m overhead ruck walk

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Less has the Q Monday Morning


Kraut – Out