Backblast #226 Night Ruck


Saturday August 10, 2019

02:00 John Ball Park 59° / 91% Humidity

Goal Ruck through the night reaching near 13 miles with various obstacles and then complete the F3 Morning workout.

This was a great opportunity to experience similar conditions to the GROWRUCK that is coming up in September.

Disclaimer and Core Principles given to 5 PAX

Kraut, Snoop, Basic Bro, SoSo, QIC Soft Spot


We started with a basic PT test. Rucks off

AMRAP in 1 Minute Merkins

AMRAP in 1 Minute Sit-UPs

Shuttle run approx 1/2 Mile + in 5:00 Minutes

The Thang

The PAX departed the AO with 20-30# in their rucks, plus water and supplies. The route took us towards Millennium Park. As we ventured towards the path, YHC talked about some GORUCK videos he watched and terminology. We all had headlamps, and for majority of the hike, we did not use them. The first few miles were steady pace. It wasn’t long before we all noticed the foul air from the surroundings. We rucked past stagnant water and swampy grounds. As the path opened up we reached the trails of Millennium park. As we followed the path we had slight long incline hills to traverse to our water infiltration part.

We left the comfort of the path and the road and descended a step grade to the stream. For safety, we used our headlamps. Watching our steps we found parts to be very mucky and quickly changing depths. With a few downed tress to climb over or under we reached a spot that many chose to sit and step over the edge to near chest deep waters before we made it to the mouth of the stream. Once we all stepped onto the sandy shore we bear crawled along the edge of the water. Hands sinking in spots as we approached the boat dock on the Grand.

Now that we made it successfully to shore we made it for the tree line where our air drop supply was. Two small logs were laying in wait. The PAX picked them up and brought them back to the river for some exercise. First each PAX completed two Ruck Ups. This was not as easy. The water and the muck from the soft shore sucking us back down as we laid back gave extra credit to our work. We then held the logs to our chest as we performed flutter kicks in cadence. After 15 reps we raised the logs in hallelujah and performed another 15 in cadence. We decided to place our supply of logs back for the next time and start to work our way back to the AO. We rucked back through the water to the stream and back to Millennium Park. As we rucked along the trail we performed farmer carry for a distance then flap jacked. After Rucking for a bit more, we moved to hold the ruck up with one arm above our heads as a shoulder press for a distance before we flap jacked.

After a mile or so, we picked up the pace with a bit of a jog shuffle. We rucked for a bit more then as we approached the AO we took the hill to another supply drop. We had a weighted pipe that needed to be brought to the AO. Each PAX took turns carrying the pipe up the hill and through the woods. We reached the AO at 06:30, with completing 11.22 miles. We then prepared ourselves for the beatdown lead by Kraut.

Soft Spot