Backblast #230 – MATA Mile / Bank and Yarborough


Preblast via Slack: “I’ve got the Q for tomorrow’s ruck! We will start at Brewery Vivant at 5:30pm. Be ready for miles and ruck work because it’s GRL/GrowRuck prep time. Where are my HCs at? M’s welcome, but let them know about the ruck work. Bring water. LFG.”

AO – Brewery Vivant, 75F

[1730 – Core Principles recited to 4 Pax] – Bald Eagle, Hasselhof, Snoop, Kraut (QIC).

The Thang

PAX completed the Bank and Yarborough followed immediately by the MATA Mile from GoRuck’s August Rucking Challenge.

Ruck 3 Miles
3 Rounds of:
Partner 1 Sprint 50m, Partner 2 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 2 Sprint 50m, Partner 1 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 1 Sprint 100m, Partner 2 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 2 Sprint 100m, Partner 1 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
(no weight while sprinting, add a sandbag to the sprint during last round)

The PAX were sweating at this point, and thought they were done. Unbeknownst to them, YHC had other plans. We moved straight in to

4 stations (ruck is optional):
Ruck squats
Plank hold
Flutter kicks
While one partners exercises the other rucks 400M as fast as possible.

1 MILE TEAM RUCK Using a Sandbag or another sort of team weight (get creative), ruck 1 mile while alternating who carries the load or carry it together but you must finish as a team. The PAX found some sandbags to use. The last 1/8 of a mile was a sandbag toss.

Kraut – Out