Backblast #233 | [GOOD] plan

Its #5KWednesday and I’m freestyle’n with a black hat, orange shirt, black shorts. Let’s Go!

Pre-Blast Via Slack (8/20/19):

MAD COW is on the Q for the #5kWednesday. We will be on the freestyle. So, every couple of blocks we will stop for pain stations on our way to running a 5K.

Taking HC’s in the thread below.

AO – The Calder | 68 degress | 94% humidity [time to sweat]

[0530 – Core Principles recited to 8 Pax] – Radio, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Depends, Hank The Tank, Soft Spot, DM [Welcome Back Cotter], MAD COW (QIC).


Various Stretching w/PAX putting their shoes on. Seriously, two dudes were still lacing them up.

The Thang:

Time to run. I have no idea how far we ran as my high-tech smart watch took a break about halfway through the workout. I am assuming we were between 2.5 & 3 miles. We ran and then stopped every so often with a lot of the following exercises.

We were freestyle’n, so this is only what I can recall:

Worst Merkin Ever
Plank Jacks
Alternating shoulder taps into dirty hook-ups
Over a bed of loose rock (yep) – backwards run, squats, forward sprint, squats (x2)

We ran by a parking garage and I couldn’t resist….

Parking Garage:

  • Up the stairs [a butt load of stairs. Tallest parking garage ever]

  • BBS

  • Run backwards down the ramp

  • Karaoke right

  • Forwards down the ramp

  • Karaoke left

This was done until we got to the ground floor. It was A LOT. Did I mention this parking lot was stupid tall?


1 to 10 – We’re freestyle’n right? Let’s try this for a Mary workout??

Top of ramp – 1 BBS
Bottom of ramp – 9 flutter kicks
Top of ramp – 2 BBS
Bottom of ramp – 8 flutter kicks

Repeato until time ran out.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • Soft Spot on Q Thursday.

  • Sign up for Iron Pax Challenge (Thurs workouts in Sept)

  • Wednesday night Founders workouts suspended. Replaced with HDHH – 1st Wed of the month, 6-8 pm, rotating locations suggested by PAX

As always, its a pleasure,