Backblast #234 Leaders leading Leaders and I owe Burpees


Thursday August 22, 2019

AO: GRCC Track


Good Morning Gents! Who is ready to earn a rest day? I have the Q for Thursday at the track and request you bring your rucks and or coupons. Plenty of ways to earn extra credit or modify if needed. Where are my HCs?

11 PAX and a super late Q Soft Spot.

Snoop, Basic Bro, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Pit Boss, Little Brother, Roid Rage, Radio, DM

QIC Kraut / Soft Spot

One of the thing F3 strives to do is encourage leaders. Always leading and leading leaders. Watching for the 6th and never leaving a man where you found him. Today was a great example of that. This was not the best day for YHC. I felt prepared and ready for today before bed last night. I woke up late. I don’t recall hitting the snooze but I woke up 14 minutes after the beatdown started. After quickly getting ready I was out the door. I may have left the guys stranded, but I was going to be there for the end. Showing up 30 minutes late I found the PAX performing Prison Burpees. I was glad that Kraut stepped up and covered while I was in the fart sack.

0530 The PAX stood confused and mumble chatter starting. The Q was MIA. Leaderless the PAX was a bit lost. They decided to do a lap around the track. It wouldn’t be the first time YHC has come late to a beatdown. After the lap when I was still not there, Kraut took charge.

25 SSH

10 Cherry Pickers with a back clap

Moving into the Thang the PAX performed Prison Burpees with block jumps from 20 Crossing the field between rounds.

(Prison Burpee – Performing starting reps, 20 Burpees, run to next point, 19 burpees and then run to the next point. Continue until you reach 0)

Most PAX made it to about 15 before the Q showed up.

I joined the men and had them circle up so I could do a very short mini plan for today.

Colt 45 IC with Ruck or Coupon

15 Squats (Extra Credit with Ruck or Coupon)

Ascending Bear Crawl. The PAX will line up on one side of the field. They will perform 1 Merkin (Extra credit for using the coupon for a Derkin or Ruck Merkin), then bear crawl to the other side of the field, perform 2, continue to 5.


10 IC American Hammer with Coupon/Ruck

15 IC Hallelujah Flutter Kicks holding Coupon/Ruck above the head.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


– Soft Spot… I owe Burpees