Backblast #221 Run Club


Wednesday August 7, 2019

AO: Calder Plaza

YHC made a Pre-Blast call to the HIMS of F3 Grand Rapids to join me if they wanted to work on their run game.

A few answered the call and joined the straight forward plan of stretching, running and burpees.

Core Principles and Disclaimer given to 4 PAX

Depends, Hasselhoff, Miss Daisy, QIC Soft Spot


  • 10 sec hold IC LRC stretch

  • 10 sec hold Quad stretch – flapjack

  • 10 sec hold side lunge stretch – flapjack

The Thang

The PAX headed out to complete the run with a start heading up the Lyon St. hill. When we reached the top we took a 10 seconds to recover and continued on the route. At Mile 1 and 3 we completed 10 Burpees oyo. At Mile 3 we worked back towards the AO and circled up at Calder Plaza.

We worked for a little cool down

  • 10 Inchworms to merkins oyo, (focusing on form and stretching in the inchworm)

  • 10 sec hold IC LRC stretch

Topping off the workout to an end with a little yoga with a Downward dog and child pose.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama