Backblast #237 – Down and Back

Pre-Blast: @channel – JBZ in the gloom. Bring a coupon. Bring a ruck, if you have one, for EC. Now accepting HCs.

NOTE: Basic Bro does not approve of the new TOOL album and made that fact clear at the beginning of the workout.

Disclaimer and conditions recited.

Salute to the PAX: Mad Cow, Snoop, Bullwinkle, Kraut, Pitt Boss, Basic Bro, Creatine, Roid Rage (QIC)


  1. standing leg spread stretches – 10 count – center, left leg, right leg – wash, rinse, repeat

  2. on six – knees to chest – 20 second count each leg

  3. on six – knee crossover – 20 second count each leg

  4. mosey lap – mix in high knees and butt kickers periodically

  5. Sprinter lunges – deep and slow lunges – pushing right elbow down towards right ankle (likewise for the left)

The Thang

The following exercises were meant to be performed at the top of the hidden staircase; however, the PAX ran into some construction and it was clear that the steps were no longer. We modified the workout to run [with coupons and rucks (if applicable)] at the base of the steps. Each stretch was ~150 feet, so I approximate that a round of down and backs (2X) to be about appx. 600 feet with no elevation gain. Upon return, PAX planked on coupon until the 6 returned to us.

  1. down and back (2x) #1 – 20X alternating hand merkins – rucks on – OYO

  2. down and back (2x) #2 – 20X squat to overhead press (thrusters) – rucks on – IC

  3. down and back (2x) #3 – partner up – calf raises on coupon while partner planks on coupon (counterweight) – rucks on – 30X each partner and wash, rinse, and repeat for a total of 60X

  4. down and back (3x) #4 – 25X AMERICAN sledgehammers with coupon – rucks off – IC

    1. 10 merkins – rucks on – OYO

    2. 30 second plank on coupons – rucks on – 1FQ (Kraut) called out count

    3. on six – 1 minute recovery in silence – just breathe

  5. down and back (2x) #5 – Colt 45s – bicep curl routine with coupon – rucks on

    1. 30X flutter kicks – hold weight above your chest – IC

The Thang – cont.

Indian Bear Crawl – like an Indian (Native People) run but you’re bear crawling instead. The PAX in the last position does 3X merkins and then quickly bear crawls to the front of the line. PAX needs to make sure the bear crawl is slow in order to let the PAX in the back catch up adequately. Any location/distance works for this. We covered approximately 300 feet and we were toasted at this point – no rucks with this guy.

  1. down and back (2X) #6 – 30X flutter kicks – hold weight above your chest – IC

    1. on six – 1 minute recover in silence – just breathe

Weights on – mosey back to base AO – workout is complete.

Message – don’t forget to just BREATHE sometimes!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama