BackBlast #238 | Ruck with Extra Credit

DATE | Sun, Sept. 1, 2019
AO | Brewery Vivant
CO-ED RUCK | 1730-1930
WEATHER | High 60s, overcast, slight breeze
Q | BasicBro

Pre-Blast | 8.31.19 via Slack
I know it’ll be a light turnout, but I’ve claimed the Q for tomorrow’s 5:30p co-ed ruck. AO is Vivant. We’ll head toward downtown, get lost, then hopefully find our way back to Vivant. We’ll ruck for 2 hours. I’ll be wearing my 30lb plate and will carry my 20lb plate for extra credit. I’ll make sure SoSo is aware. Any HCs?

PAX: 3
DM, Snoop, and BasicBro (Q)

Disclaimer: Gave a general disclaimer, with option to modify.


  1. 5.9-6.0 ruck | Approx. 1:50 hours | 30 lb ruck + water & supplies | 20 lb weight plate shared carry in 15-20 minute increments for the first hour and a half, then in 2 minute increments until completion

  2. Route

    • Vivant to Diamond

    • to Wealthy

    • to Grandville

    • to Williams

    • to Market

    • to Monroe

    • to Michigan

    • to Fuller

    • to Lake

    • Ended at Vivant

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