BackBlast #246 Calder Plaza 5K

Arrived at the AO (Calder Plaza) right at 5:30 to a waiting group of 4 other pax.

Warm morning at 65 degrees, but not too muggy out.

Pax: Bald Eagle, Dapends, Soft Spot, Roid Rage, and QIC Hank the Tank


20 SSH – IC
15 Cherry picker w/back clap – IC
Hamstring Stretch – 10 sec. ct. Flap Jack
Legs apart- Reach to the right, left, and center. 10 sec. ct. each position


We moseyed our way down to Monroe and then on to Market Ave, where we stopped for triceps dips and big boy sit-ups. We then turned back around and moseyed to Monroe where we stopped again for tricep dips. At each cross stop we held plank until we were able to cross. We moseyed for a total of 3.2 miles where the team ended back at the AO.

Ended with hand string stretches, big boy sit-ups, and reach for the feet sit-ups.

Count-O-Rama- 5


  • Congratulated Bald Eagle on his and his wife’s pregnancy announcement.

  • Discussed IPC challange for tomorrow – looks tough, start early?

Prayer Said

Hank the Tank