Coupons & Stairs

After encountering some road closed signs on his way in that actually meant the road was unpassable and a significant detour was required, YHC arrived at the AO right at 5:30 to a waiting group of 8 pax. The disclaimer was stumbled through and core principles were recited. With an FNG among the pax a longer explanation of cadence counting and exercise names was given as well.

Pax: Pit Boss, Pumbaa, Sex Panther, Mad Cow, Hank the Tank, Rehab, Snoop, FNG Steamroller, QIC Bald Eagle.


15 SSH – IC
15 Windmills – IC
Arm Circles – 10x Flap Jack
Indian Mosey to Stairs with coupons above head.

The pax continued the mosey to the top of the stairs, where 5 cones were placed in a star pattern. The pax were instructed to pair up, and exercises were assigned to each cone, after the pax completed the exercise at a given cone, they would bear crawl to the second cone to their right – in effect forming a star pattern. The exercises were: 10x Blerkins, 10x Goblet Squats, 20x OH Presses, 5x Man Makers, and 20x LBC’s.

After the pax completed a full set, they ran to the bottom of the stairs and back up. After the pax returned to the top they completed another set of exercises, this time all were done IC and instead of bear crawling the pax ran around the outside of the cones to the station adjacent to them. The exercises performed included squats, merkins, twizzlers, burpees, and LBC’s.

The pax then moseyed back to the AO where they completed the Team American Hammer – on 6’s in a circle passing coupons in one direction, and after 2 minutes flap-jacking directions.

  • Good to have Rehab back from IR.

  • IPC this week sounds challenging – we’ll be getting after that on Thursday.

  • Hank the Tank has the Q Wednesday.

  • Thanks again for everyone’s prayers for our pregnancy – it’s been a long journey already and the adventure is just beginning.

Thought for the day – along the lines of seeing the road closed signs, pay attention to our bodies and also cues from our world. Know the pain that leads to growth and the pain that leads to injury, and pursue growth. Living with heightened awareness of our world can improve our lives on many levels.

Bald Eagle Out