BackBlast #248 – Mind Control


Preblast Via Slack: Good morning gentlemen! I have the Q for tomorrow’s beat down at the Zoo and it’s my VQ! It’s time I stepped into the arena and I have a lovely lavender and primrose scented GORUCK and tactical performance based workout that should promise some good living for all. Bring your ruck or coupon and stand by to get some. HC bellow. Creatine out.

AO: The Zoo, 59F, 84% humidity, partly cloudy with no precipitation

0700 – Core principles recited to 11 PAX: Create (QIC), Snoop, Kraut, Less, Hasselhoff, Stalingrad, Ferrigno, Pit Boss, Yard Sale, Soft Spot, Gravy


1x: Mosey lap (rucks on for EC)

4 Rounds:
10x Ruck/Coupon Squats, in cadence
5x Hand Release Merkins, in cadence (ruck on for EC)

The Thang

Performed in groups of two. Modification for all prone work is all fours or squat:

1 Round
First Partner 2x: Prone to Sprint 60 feet (ruck on for EC)
Trade places with partner
Second Partner 100x: Burpees (ruck on for EC)
Trade places with partner until all reps completed

1 Round
First Partner 1x: TAC SEPA: Lowcrawl/Sprint/Lowcrawl/Sprint Drill 60 feet (ruck on for EC)
Trade places with partner
Second Partner
24x: Ruck/Coupon Swings
64x: Merkins (ruck optional)
Trade places with partner until all reps completed

1 Round
First Partner
1x: TAC SEPA: Bearcrawl/Sprint/Bearcrawl/Sprint Drill 60 feet (ruck on for EC)
Trade places with partner
Second Partner
24x: Ruck/Coupon Getups
64x: Big Boy Sit-Ups (ruck off)
Trade places with partner until all reps completed

22x: American Sledgehammer, in cadence
20x: Flutter Kicks with ruck/coupon above chest, in cadence
20x: Freddie Mercury with ruck/coupon above chest, in cadence

Workout Sources
Ruck movements: GORUCK August Rucking Challenge Guerrilla Ops, MACV – SOG Workout
Warm-up and tactical movements: Mountain Tactical Institute, Perseus V2 Workout Plan


Message: The QIC discussed the ancient Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice as told in the new musical Hadestown. For those not familiar with the legend, Orpheus is the sun of a muse and blessed with the power of music and song (he’s where we get names like The Orpheus Theater and many motifs in classical music). Orpheus falls in love with Eurydice, a nymph, and they are married. Unfortunately, as goes for many Greek legends – they were realists after all, tragedy befalls and Eurydice is killed by a snake and taken to the underworld, the land of the dead, ruled over by the god Hades. Orpheus is so saddened by Eurydice’s passing that he, at great peril, travels to the underworld to try and rescue her. He meets with Hades and Hades agrees to let them go – on one condition: Orpheus and Eurydice must walk out of hell, but Orpheus must walk in front and Eurydice behind. If Orpheus looks back, even for a second, to make sure Eurydice is still there she will be taken back into the underworld forever. They agree and begin to walk out. Eurydice, however; is still a shade, a spirit, and thus makes no sound, no footsteps as she travels behind Orpheus. Orpheus cannot hear her, and so begins to doubt her presence. Then, just as they are about to leave the underworld, just as Eurydice is about to be made whole again, his doubt overtakes him and he looks back. Eurydice is pulled back into the underworld, never to return (and eventually Orpheus kills himself so he can be with her). It’s a story of faith and the power of doubt and a man’s mind over himself (as well as the pettiness and games of the Gods, that was a big theme in Greek times). In the musical the narrator recites the following lines during the song when Orpheus and Eurydice are told they can leave:

The meanest dog you’ll ever meet
He ain’t the hound dog in the street
He bares some teeth and tears some skin
But brother, that’s the worst of him
The dog you really got to dread
Is the one that howls inside your head
It’s him whose howling drives men mad
And a mind to its undoing.. .

You got a lonesome road to walk
And it ain’t along the railroad track
And it ain’t along the black-top tar
You’ve walked a hundred times before
I’ll tell you where the real road lies:
Between your ears, behind your eyes
That is the path to Paradise
Likewise, the road to ruin

Source: Hadestown

Wait for Me Reprise

It’s not the physical things that can cause us the most pain. Not the dog you can see and hear and feel, but the dog of our own mind that can be the greatest enemy. Over the past weekend some of the PAX endured the GORUCK Light Challenge and this theme of the power of the mind came up again. We were brought to a giant hill and told to lowcrawl up it. At first, this seemed an absurd task, impossible even. And yet, crawl by crawl, we all did it. We had to focus on what was right in front of us. Not the enormity of the task or what that yapping dog in our mind was whining about. Only what we had to do in each moment. The mind is a powerful thing, it can be your greatest friend, or your greatest enemy. Control your mind, don’t let it control you.


It was Ferrigno’s birthday! The birthday song was performed and post-workout cake consumed by all.

– Creatine Out