BackBlast #250 – Legs, Cardio, Core

Date took Place: 9/18/2019

AO: Caldar Plaza

Weather: Cool 56 Degrees, no precipitation

4 PAX: Soft spot, Mad Cow, Forrest, (Q) Hank the Tank


25 SSH – IC

Marching Kick w/ reach opposite leg (10 each side)

Hamstring Stretch – 10 sec. ct. Flap Jack

Legs apart- Reach to the right, left, and center. 10 sec. ct. each position


Started off at Plaza doing lunges from one end of stairs to the other. Then proceeded over to the stairs leading up to the Caldar to do stairs hops or squat jump with both feet every 2 stairs (4 total) then back down. , then went to 3 stairs, then each stair one at a time. Did this for approximately 10 minutes. Then lunged back to the other side of stairs. We then moseyed for 2 miles with a few stops for triceps dips and incline merkins. Returned to Caldar and ended with approximately 6 minutes of core (12 different core exercises @ 10 reps each).


Announcements: F3 members traveling to Naperville for the GoRuck Tough this weekend, PAX challenge tomorrow.

“Don’t let yesterday, take up too much of today.” Don’t let things that happened in the past that you cannot change or control, affect you today. You can use it to make you stronger, but don’t dwell on the negative and put you in a bad mood.


Hank the Tank