BackBlast #252-Up and Down the Ladder


Preblast via Slack 9/20/19

I have the Q tomorrow at the zoo.  There will be a good mix of cardio and strength work but quite a bit of strength work.  Coupons required. Let’s get after it!  Can I get those HC’s?

Also, good luck to those headed to Naperville this weekend for the GrowRuck!

AO-The Zoo

68 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 9 PAX.  Ferrigno, Stalin, Gravy, Huggies, Lennon, Forrest, Pit Boss, DM, and Less (QIC)


-Willie Mays Hayes 15 in cadence

-Standing groin stretch Count to 15

-Toe Touch Count to 15

-Squatting overhead claps 15 in cadence

The Thang

-Ran 50 yards and did 2 merkins.  Ran back and did 4 merkins.  Kept adding 2 merkins until we got up to 20 merkins and then reversed reducing 2 merkins each time until we got down to 2. We then ran back to the start.  When the pax at the front finished everyone else would finish through the start regardless of where they were at.  From 2 up to 20 and back down to 2 by 2’s was 200 reps. We did this same routine four times changing the exercise each time and sometimes carrying a coupon along the way.

-The second exercise we carried a coupon and did overhead presses.

-The third exercise we ran and did side straddle hops

-The fourth exercise we carried a coupon and did curls.  We didn’t make it all the way through this before 8AM, so we didn’t get to Mary. The pax in the front were on the way back down on the ladder at 16 when the bell rang.



Leader’s Message

Encouragement is a powerful thing.  It is what gets us through a lot of these workouts/challenges.  When things are getting difficult that little bit of encouragement from a fellow pax can make the difference in finishing or not finishing.  It is also important to remember this when we are out in our daily lives.  A little bit of encouragement/a few kind words can go a long way towards improving someone’s day.  A few kind words can completely change someone’s day and when said at the right time may change someone’s life. 

More or Less,