Backblast #254 – Coed Sunday Ruck


Sunday Night Coed Ruck

September 15, 2019

Kraut, Soft Spot, Paula, Snoop (QIC)

The Thang

Snoop signed up for the September 2019 RuckingChallenges monthly challenge, so the plan was to knock out some of the stairs and miles needed to complete the challenge. The starting AO was changed to East Grand Rapids, so we could immediately take advantage of the high school’s bleachers.

We walked to the high school football stadium and the plan was to walk in circles, then hit the bleacher set (Up and down every single stair across the bottom) after passing the bleachers 2 time. This meant, we would hit the hometown set first, then skip the visitor set and home set, and then hit the visitor set. Rinse and repeat. Towards the end of the ruck, we ended up modifying and hitting every single step. 

In total, we ended hitting 1,617 steps and almost 5 miles in 2 hours. 

To end the ruck we army crawled 50 yards, then bear crawled 50 yard back. 


Drop It Like It’s Hot