Backblast #254: S-L-O-W-I-N-G D-O-W-N T-I-M-E

Preblast via slack 9/28/19:

I’m back with my first Q since January. For me, 2019 has been quite the year, filled with all kinds of stuff. Mostly good things, a few minor setbacks, but just a LOT, to where time seems to fly by. But that’s the way, isn’t it? Probably the #1 complaint in our adulting life seems to be time going too quickly, or not finding enough of it. Sometimes we need to tap the brakes in order to notice / savor / enjoy the small things (in this case, every muscle fiber!). Tomorrow’s workout will be dedicated to savoring our most precious earthly resource. Who’s an HC to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N T-I-M-E with me tomorrow morning (7am) at the ZOO?? COUPONS REQUIRED! Gloves recommended

AO: The Zoo

58 degrees, no rain or wind. Pleasant conditions, but a bit wet and sloppy on the ground

Core principles and Disclaimer recited to 14 PAX: FNG (Genie), Ferrigno, Stalin, Basic Bro, Mad Cow, Snoop, Steamroller, Kraut, Bald Eagle, Soft Spot, Creatine, Little Brother, Gravy. QIC, Bullwinkle


50M Mosey to the cones —> 50M reverse mosey. Repeat 3x
OYO Lunge / Hinge combo. 10 reps per leg
30 Side Straddle Hops, IC
Slight hesitation to coach PAX through a difficult movement (Turkish Get-Ups with Coupons) but thought better of it for the sake of time. Had to get right to The Thang. Next time!

The Thang

QIC explained today’s theme of the importance of slowing down. PAX was instructed to go slow and be mindful of muscle activation in order to increase the quality of the full-body effort

1) Partner – Lateral Bears and Blocks with Burpee Broad jump.

PAX were to partner up with the man on their right and were instructed to traverse the length of the field using only two allowable methods of locomotion: 1) Lateral bear crawl, with coupon drag across body and underneath arm, 2) Burpee, but instead of vertical jump, broad jump max distance. Each pair was to stay together, and switch every 7 burpee until arrival at first tree on other side of field.

2) Upon arrival to the other side of the field, QIC lead in Pulse Split Squats and Bodyweight Squats. 4 – count cadence. First 3 counts were to be bottom range pulse, with the fourth count coming up all the way. Performed 3 sets of 15

3) Partner – Lateral Bears and Blocks / Burpee Broad Jump combo the other way across the field

4) Partner coupon slug/row and slow lunge combo down the field and back. PAX instructed to make sure shoe laces were done up tight. For the slug/row, sit on ground between two coupons, place hand on each, hoist ass high off the ground (similar to a dip) and drag feet along grass by compressing/flexing through the abdominals, and then drag row coupons across the grass. Partner was to do slow lunge, and keep legs under tension during their turn. Switch after 7 slugs

5) Mosey lap around the field with coupon on shoulder


30 American Hammers with coupons. IC

Message about the importance of slowing down this week, and avoid being bombarded and consumed with all of life’s big things , good and bad. PAX are to enjoy the small things and live in the moment, stopping to reflect and be mindful of things we normally wouldn’t give much notice to.



Assigned F3 name to our FNG, GENIE.

Bullwinkle, OUT