Backblast #243 Birthday Flora Games


AO: The Zoo

Cool 55 Lite fog


Week one of IronPax challenge is ending. It’s all fun and games until someone gets burned. Who is a HC?

Core Principles and disclaimer recited to 6 PAX

Kraut, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Less, Hasselhoff, QIC Soft Spot


5 Motivators IC

10 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Arm Circles IC -Flapjack


The Thang

Colt 45 IC

Birthday Flora

YHC turned 35 on Thursday. We performed a Flora style routine with each hitting 35 of each exercise.

We partnered up to perform each exercise in 3 sets of 10 and 1 set of 5 for 35 reps.

1. Merkins and Planks. While one PAX performed 10 Merkins (resting hands on the coupon) the other held Plank. Rotate to complete 35 reps each.

2. Gobblet Squats. PAX started in the down position holding their coupon. Hold the down position with your coupon while your partner performs 10. Rotate to complete the 35 reps.

3. LBCs with a coupon. PAX then moved to their 6. Holding the coupon high on their cest they would perform the 4 counts

LBC. When the set is complete they would hold the coupon stright up above their head while the other PAX performed their set. Rotate until 35 Reps were reached.

After all teams completed the Flora we carried our coupon for a mosey to our next workout location. Across the park, there was a circle of stump chairs. The 6 of us spread out for a game of duck duck goose. PAX would perform high knees while one went around the circle. When they passed the other PAX tapping Duck, the PAX would perform a squat. When the PAX was tapped Goose, they would run in the opposite direction around the circle. The first PAX to reach it back was safe.

This made a fun challenge as each of us were at different skill levels of speed. Also being spaced out with a wider circle added to the challenge. After each PAX had a few oppertunities we moved on to the next part of the park.

Another Mosey with our coupons took us to an open field area. We teamed up 3 on 3 for a down and back game of frisbee. YHC brought an aero disk. This was different then the other frisbee disks the PAX was used too.

The Rules:

If the PAX made a bad throw. Over the head or completely away from the team, they would perform 10 merkins. If the team member missed or dropped the frisbee they would perform 10 merkins for not catching. If the other team blocked the pass everyone performed merkins. The Losing team will pick an exercise for the victors to perform.

It was a great game with lots of running and merkins. The frisbee disk flew differently than many of us expected, as we over through our team many times. YHC even got the frisbee stuck in the tree. Bald Eagle and Less used a coupon to toss up and knock it down.

The PAX then moved back to the AO with their coupon for the Victory game 10 sets of an exercise determined by the losing team. We all performed the determined 5 Motivators and 5 Thrusters. When we finished the 5 count thrusters, Bald Eagle felt we didn’t perform enough, so YHC led in 15 more. There was some mumble chatter as YHC kept going after 5, and then 10.


The PAX moved to their six. We started off with some American Sledgehammers with a full set down of the coupon 8 4 count IC.

We then continued on with a flutter kick hoedown with our coupons.

7- 4 count with coupons raised in Hallujiah

7- 4 count with coupons held out front reclined 45° back

7- 4 count laying back with coupons held straight up.

The PAX then moved to finish up with the last exercise of Freddie Mercury 10 IC

That’s a wrap.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


GR GORUCK light today – Good Luck HIMs who are going!!


Soft Spot.