Backblast #325 | “MOTU VIGET”

·      Welcome to F3GR, regularly scheduled workouts for men that are (1) free of charge, (2) open to all men, (3) held outdoors rain or shine, (4) led by men who participate in the working by leading in a rotating fashion, and (5) ends with a circle of trust.

·      Disclaimer: I am not a professional, I have no knowledge of fitness or injuries. Modify as needed to keep yourself safe.

·      Warmup:
o   Knee holds (L/R) x10s ct
o   High knees 4ct x 10 reps
o   Foot holds (L/R/M) x10x ct
o   Cherry pickers with a back clap x10
o   Side straddle hops x20
o   Arm circles x20ct
o   Mosey around 4 corners

·      The Thang: This workout is centered around “Activity” in the fashion of a B.O.M.B style workout.
o   Pax pair up, 4 stations at 4 corners, M/O/T/U, with coupons at stations O and U
o   One pax will perform the exercise at each corner while their partner runs to the center and performs 5 motivators, then runs back to pick up where they left off. When they complete the requisite number, they head to the next station. Each station starts at 200 reps and decrements by 50 with each cycle.
o   Station “M” is the Mexican jumping bean (full squat + jump)
o   Station “O” is the overhead coupon press
o   Station “T” is the twinkle toes (Al Gore + calf raises)
o   Station “U” is the upright coupon row

·    Wind down: Core exercise (@7:55): pickle pounder x20, pickle pointer x2

·      Count-o-rama: 7
·      Name-o-rama: Shoutout to the Pax who showed up, venturing into the gloomy weather on this first Anastasia-Q: Less, Crosswalk, Bald Eagle, Steamroller, Ralphie, Roid Rage, and Anastasia
·      Shout-out/announcements
·      Benediction: May the Peace of Christ go with you wherever He may send you. May He guide you through the wilderness, protect you through the storm; may He bring you home rejoicing to the wonders He has shown you, ,may He bring you home rejoicing once again into our doors.