Backblast #326 – Snow Covered Hilly Leg Day

After an ‘almost ice storm’ weekend where temperatures stayed just high enough to ward off the apocalyptic ice storm that was predicted, three pax were eager to get their Monday started properly. YHC has a shoulder that is still recovering from an adult league hockey injury, which made a perfect excuse for a cardio leg day.

Pax: Ralphie, BasicBro, QIC Bald Eagle


Motivators (from 5x)


We moseyed up the nature trail where at the top of each hill on the trail we completed an exercise:

Squats (10x)
Side Lunge Squats (30x)
Jump Squats with an Al Gore (from 6, holding for 10 seconds in between)

We made it more than half way around the loop and then turned and headed back. On the way back we did Backward Lunches at the bottom of the main hill, and felt the Bern with a Bernie Sanders run/walk up the hill.

We continued the mosey down the long sloping hill to the entry gate, where we did single leg lunges with the other leg up on the gate behind us.

From there, we completed the mosey (2.7 miles total) back to the AO and finished with standing Freddie Mercuries and a good bit of stretching to cool our bodies down properly.

A simpler workout, but my legs are definitely feeling it.