Backblast #328 – Legs and more legs (1-14-20)

Sorry for the late post!

Pre-Ruck Blast (Courtesy of @Crosswalk, 1/13/20):

Remember that time you skipped leg day and just did bicep curls to impress the cuties on the elliptical?

TOMORROW…YOU ARE NOT SKIPPING LEG DAY! @Anastasia and I have the Q tomorrow morning at the Stairs. It will be tedious, it will burn, and in two days from now, you’ll be wearing the tightest Lululemon yoga pants ever made to show off your buns of steel to all the girlies on the Stairmaster

Coupons required. If you bring a ruck vest or backpack, I highly recommend also bringing a coupon. HC below, and get that be-donkey-donk looking on point.

Welcome to F3GR, regularly scheduled workouts for men that are (1) free of charge, (2) open to all men, (3) held outdoors rain or shine, (4) led by men who participate in the working by leading in a rotating fashion, and (5) ends with a circle of trust.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, I have no knowledge of fitness or injuries. Modify as needed to keep yourself safe.

o   Knee holds (L/R) x10s ct
o   High knees 4ct x 10 reps
o   Foot holds (L/R/M) x10x ct
o   Cherry pickers with a back clap x15
o   Side straddle hops x20

The Thang:
-Stair Squats with coupon (every other step)
-Bear claws with standing lunches (10 lunges for every 10 hand touches during the bear claw)
-Mosey to park-Broad jumps with merkins (10 merkins for every 5 broad jumps for a total of 25 broad jumps and 50 merkins)
-Mosey to top of stairs 
-Coupon confusion (slide coupon across ice with at least three appendages touching the ground at all times )

Wind down: Core exercise: pickle pounder x20, pickle pointer x20

Count-o-rama: 8 PAX

Welcome FNG @Training Wheels!

Name-o-rama: Shoutout to the Pax who showed up for a leg-toning: @Crosswalk, @Anastasia, @Bald Eagle, @Kraut, @Splitter, @Soccer Mom, @Training Wheels, @Dapends, @Mad Cow, @Forrest