BackBlast #330-The 365 Day Challenge


Preblast via Slack 1/17/20

I have the Q tomorrow morning at the zoo.  This will be called “The 365 Day Challenge.”  I will be getting a little bit out of my comfort zone with this workout.  Come join me if you are up for the challenge.  No coupons required.  Please HC below.

AO-The Zoo

18 degrees and snowing/sleet

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 9 PAX.  Forrest, Mad Cow, Hasselhoff, Kraut, Snoop, Ralphie, Roid Rage, Soft Spot, and Less (QIC)


-Mosey to the base of the hill

The Thang

-This workout was set up as a challenge.  The pax would mosey to the top of the hill at the electrical box and back down to bottom.  At the top they would do squats, and at the bottom they would do merkins.  The goal was to do 365 reps combined of squats and merkins.  One for each day I have been a part of F3 Grand Rapids.  The max reps the pax were allowed to do on each time up and down for squats and merkins combined was 60 reps.  They could split up the reps between squats and merkins however they wanted.  In order to complete the challenge the pax would ultimately have to go up and down the hill 7 times.  The pax continued the challenge until 7:55 at which time they moseyed back to the AO.


-Hasselhoff is doing a polar plunge at the beginning of February in support of the Special Olympics and is looking for donations.  Please refer to Slack for how to donate.

-Less has the Q on Monday at Johnson Park




It is easy to stay in our comfort zone and do just enough to get through the workout when we are out here.  Nobody would know the difference, but we don’t get any better doing this, and ultimately, we come out here to get better.  Let’s work to get out of our comfort zones this year and see what we are capable of achieving.

More or Less,