BackBlast #331-Around and Around We Go


Preblast via Slack 1/19/20

I have the Q tomorrow morning at Johnson Park.  I scoped out the parking lot this morning around 11:30, and while it wasn’t great, it was still driveable, and there isn’t much more snow coming.  People are parking there to go sledding today, which is helping.  The trails on the other hand could be a little treacherous and probably wouldn’t be very conducive to too much running, so we will be sticking to the parking lot and doing some strength work with a focus on the core.  No coupons required.  Please HC below.

AO-Johnson Park

18 degrees with no precipitation, but the terrain was very uneven and icy

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 4 PAX.  Ralphie, Gravy, BasicBro, and Less (QIC)


-Toe touch 15 count

-Legs spread down to the left and right. 15 count each

-standing groin stretch 15 count

-30 overhead claps in cadence

-Team merkins from 1 up to 8

The Thang

-This was a four corners workout.  Cones were set up about 40 feet apart in a square.  The pax would bear crawl to the first cone and do an exercise, lunge walk to the next cone and do and exercise, bear crawl to the next cone and do an exercise, and crabwalk to the last cone and do an exercise.  The pax kept going around the square until 6:15.

At each corner the exercise was chosen by a different Pax with the following parameters: The first corner was a core exercise, the second corner was an upper body exercise, the third corner was another core exercise, and the last corner was a leg exercise.  The core exercises had to be a minimum of 20 reps with the exception of Catalina Wine Mixers, and the upper body and leg exercises had to be a minimum of 15 reps.

I can’t really remember all the exercises that we did or how many times we made it around, but here are some of the exercises.

Core-LBC’s a couple times, American Hammers, Standing toe touches, Standing side stretches, Froggers, Catalina Wine Mixers, Supermans

Upper Body-Wide merkins, Overhead claps, Merkins into shoulder taps, twizzlers

Lower body-Bonnie blairs, Last two parts of motivators from 5 to 1, squats, high knees




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