Backblast #333 Wake and Bake

AO; Tues January 21 The Stairs: 13 degrees/ 13 pax

530 am ; core principles recited to 13 pax Kraut, Basic Bro, Steam Roller, Anastasia ,Soccer mom, Mad Cow, Pit Boss, Snoop, Bald Eagle, Rehab, Forrest , Splitter, and Training wheels.

Warm-o -Rama: Mosey lap around parking lot.

30- SSH In cadence

Stretches , left ,right, middle

The Thang:

Mosey to underground parking ramp , under Calder !/2 a mile from from AO.

simple instructions followed as pax were lead to pain stations and explained planned rout.

1st pax would do 1 merkin on bottom level, Bear crawl up ramp, followed by backwards stair climb and 19 Squats. instructions were given to rinse and repeat . . when coming down crabwalk down, and walk down stairs forward. each time pax would add 1 merkin and subtract a squat.

Pax headed back to AO for some Mary ;

Pax finished strong with 2 minutes of American Hammers.

Count- o- Rama / Nam-o-Rama

Depression and leaning on F3 Brothers was discussed.

Thanks everyone , Forrest