Backblast #335 – Make the Hard Decisions

DATE | January 25, 2020

AO | The Zoo

BEATDOWN | 0530-700 & 0700-0800

WEATHER | 35°, 99% Humidity and Cool

Q | Soft Spot

Pre-Blast | 01/24/2020

  • I have the Q for the Zoo. 0700! For extra credit join me at 0530 for a pre ruck. (weight is optional). I’ll leave you with this…


    As HIM we have hard decisions to make daily. Battles that we feel may never end. The choice to Get Right and to take the Daily Red Pill.


    Ever leader needs a little Winston Churchill in them. He of the “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat, but the cause is great and we are going to win, and it’s going to be worth it.”


    PAX: 11 – Less, Mad Cow, Cuddle Buddy, BasicBro, Hank the Tank, Forrest, Roid Rage, Pit Boss, Radio, CrossWalk – QIC Soft Spot.


    Pre Ruck – Mad Cow, Forrest, Cuddle Buddy, Soft Spot


    We pushed this morning on the pre ruck. Completing 5.66 miles in the 1hr 30min.  We were a little farther out then YHC anticipated and we took the last half mile as a ruck run. With no time to spare YHC came right in to lead the PAX at 0700.  We circled up.


    5 Core Principles: Free of charge | Open to all men | Held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold | Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary | End w/ a Circle of Trust

    Disclaimer: This is a free, volunteer, peer-led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is each person’s responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. The most important thing is that you don’t get hurt, and that you finish. Remember, the workout should be you vs you.          


    WARM-o-RAMA (Offer demonstrations for everything we instruct.)

    1. LRC Stretching 10sec IC (Standing feet apart, bending and reaching down each leg)

    2. LR Arm Stretch across the chest 10 sec IC

    3. Circle of Goofballs (Like the Goofball, but the PAX takes turns calling down. On down the PAX performs a burpee and continues the goofball.) We went around the circle 2x for a total of 22 burpees

    4. Mountain Climbers 4ct IC x 10

    5. 21’s (The PAX will perform SSH IC to 4 and then continue on in silence until 21. If the PAX fails to stop together a penalty exercise is in order.) A few of the PAX went over. To help YHC decided to have the PAX perform Motivators. From 10.



    I was struggling a little bit and knew if I didn’t do a modification my form was going to suffer.  A few rounds in the Routine I broke the up the plan.  I think it was for the better.


    We are to perform the Routine 3x. The first round is with reps 15-10, decreasing the reps by 1 each time. Round 2 is from 10-5 and Round 3 finishes the Routine with reps 5-1. The Flutter kicks are consistent in each round. The PAX are to start Each new exercise together.


    1. Bear Crawl Derkins (Modifications are regular Merkins or Knees) The PAX start in the Bear Crawl position and cross the parking lot from Curb to Curb. At each curb they perform Derkins, 15,14,13…

    2. Crab Walk Big Boys – (At this point YHC decided to shorten it a little to help with time. We proceeded to cross the lot but would perform the exercise at parking space.) The PAX would Crab Walk across the parking lot and at each side perform Big Boy SitUps, 15,14,13…

    3. Sprint Squats – The PAX would Sprint across the parking lot and perform squats on each side. 15,14,13…

    4. Flutter Kick Hoedown. 4ct IC x 5 (No rest in between.)

      1. Sitting with Hands raised above the head, perform flutter kicks.

      2. Reclined back with hands straight out, perform flutter kicks.

      3. Laying back like a regular Flutter kicks with Arms straight up.

      4. Flutter Kicks with crunches. Focusing on the flutter kicks.


    Now that we have completed the Routine we rinsed and repeat for Round 2, with reps from 10-5


    For the last round, I told the PAX to continue OYO to finish.

    Round 3 with reps from 5-1


    End of Workout


    Circle of Trust (CoT)






    F3-specific Announcements


    • HDHH will be posted and the Q has control of where, how, and when. Details are to follow.

    • Bible Study now available on Wednesdays, 0630 at MudPenny.

    • Stay tuned for any BlackOps options.


    • Ball of Man (BOM)


    YHC has been listing to Jocko Podcast and been Reading The Hospitable Leader.  A brief from what was stated…


    As leaders we face battles and hard decisions daily. This could be professional or personal, but we make the decisions to Get Right and take the Daily Red Pill.  It can be easy to fall into complacency and not progress and hit the plateau. As leaders it is up to us to give it our all. To lead and make sure that the people we lead have the environment to succeed. It is then, as they progress to take up the mantel and lead.


    As men when we face battles it is up to us to give it our all and not settle. This can relate to the environment we are in.



    Soft Spot