Backblast #321 – Cruise Control, Off.

YHC had the pleasure of leading the 2nd workout of the new year, and the first workout at the standard 0530 time. Having guests in from out of town is always motivational from a Q-planning perspective.

Pax: BasicBro, Mad Cow, SoftSpot, Miss Daisy, Boyardee (F3 Kansas City), Soccer Mom (F3 Kansas City), QIC – Bald Eagle

The initial challenge given to the pax was to find ways to make small changes in the new year that over time will have a big impact. The challenge related to F3 workouts is to become aware of you ‘cruise control’ pace, the pace that you can comfortably complete a workout, and push beyond this.


SSH – 15
Toe Touches
Kneeling Spine Stretch

The Thang

Each pax was given a tennis ball, with the purpose of these being to help with form/accountability. For a proper squat instructions were given to set the pax on the ground, and then on the next squat to pick it up. Merkins – touch your chest to the ball on the down. For Big Boy Sit-ups it should have been pass the ball under your knees, but I wasn’t quick enough on my feet to think of that.

First Exercise – Progressive Squats/Merkins/BBS
Complete 2 of each in the first minute, then complete 4 of each exercise in the second minute, 6 in the third, 8 in the fourth, 10 in the 5th, and 12 in the 6th minute. This is where most pax experienced failure, so we completed 14 of each exercise IC.

Second Exercise – Hill Suicides
5 cones were placed 15 yards apart or so heading downhill. Two pax remained at the starting position holding 5 lb weights straight out to the side, giving their shoulders a #slowburn. The pax all started their suicides at a different cone, and as they completed it they swapped out with the coupon holders.

Third Exercise – Mosey with Crowd Favorites
We moseyed down the hill and around the block, with each pax getting to choose and count an exercise at each intersection we came to. Exercises ranged from dips, to merkins, to squats and more. Writing the backblast immediately after the workout would help with the memory of these evolutions.

The mosey back up the hill brought us to the 45 minute mark. A solid mix of strength & cardio was delivered to the pax.

– CoT