BackBlast # 369 From zero to hero:

March 11 2020,

AO; The Calder/ 42 degrees.

530 am: Core Principles/Disclaimer

5 Pax in attendance/ Soft Spot, Mad Cow, Training Wheels , Soccer Mom , Forrest (QIC)

Warm-o-Rama :simple stretches;

The Thang : mosey to stairs, to finish the story of the lost workout. this time no coupons only rucks. the pax started a journey to the 2nd set of stairs. The Q found and led the pax to address an accomplishment of self improvement. Many hills were conquered in this 2.5 mile ruck.

Back to AO : 2minutes of simple squats (OYO) . wow that looks naughty;

Count-o-Rama /Name-o-Rama:

Thanks ,Forrest