BackBlast #371 – Hill & Beans

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, YHC wanted to create a workout that pushed all of us while maintaining distance as prescribed by the health authorities.

Pax: BasicBro, Gravy, Anastasia, Hank the Tank, Less, Forrest, Ralphie, Dapends, Miss Daisy, QIC – Bald Eagle


15 Windmills IC

5 Minute dynamic warm-up around a 5 cone pentagon – Exercises: Bear Crawl, Carioca Left, Shuffle Left, Shuffle Right, Carioca Right. At each cone complete 1 hand release merkin which functionally became a burpee.


We started with a Covid Indian Run – where we completed an Indian Run in 2 lines, and maintained about 6 feet of spacing at all times. We moseyed to the base of the hill.

At the hill, we felt the Bern and walked backwards up the hill to the speed limit sign while dropping 5 cones along the way. We moseyed back to the base of the hill where I pulled 10 magical black jelly beans out of my coat pocket and placed them on the ground. Each of these represented one hill sprint, and we had 10 of them ahead of us.

After we completed one hill sprint, we returned to the base of the hill, a pax removed a jelly bean, and gave us instructions for which of the 5 cones they wanted us to sprint to next. If the pax ate the jelly bean, they could also choose what manner we moved in – i.e. backwards runs, lunges, etc.

We progressed through the 10 sprints – with the last one being a suicide where we touched all of the cones.

We covid-moseyed back to the AO for the COT around a rock.

Pax were encouraged to abide by the social distancing practices, and that this is the time we need to be leaders in our community.